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Let’s Dine By Candlelight

I learn the greatest lessons of life in the small moments shared with others. I had a conversation with *Casey, a young woman raised by a struggling single mom. She had a happy childhood but knew from a young age that each new toy or gift her mom bought for her, meant extra hours working and away from home. Instead of a cool new outfit or brand new doll, what Casey wanted most of all were those extra moments with her mom.

Casey shared one story that particularly touched my heart. It was an unusually challenging time and a payment was missed to the utility company. Electricity to their home was turned off. Her mom took leftovers from the refrigerator. A cloth was put on their small kitchen table and the dishes were carefully laid out. Then she announced that special for tonight, “let’s dine by candlelight.”

And as they sat around the table, eating, laughing and chatting in the warm glow of the candlelight, forever the memory of this wonderful dinner was emblazoned in this young woman’s heart. Out of adversity and love, came a struggling mom’s creativity that turned a dark evening of loss into a cherished childhood memory. It provided Casey with a role model of resiliency and strength for a lifetime.

It made me realize that when we provide gifts to children in need through Flames of Giving, it frees up struggling parents to be at home with their kids instead of worrying and working extra hours to buy presents for the holidays. Win-Win for all. Kids get gifts. Parents spend more time with their children. And all those who donate have full hearts.

Thank you from all the Caseys and the strong struggling parents who bring light into the dark corners of their lives while coping with financial challenges.

“One small gift. Two happy hearts.”

- Sari

*Casey’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.